CASSWAC grew out of a will on the part of a small group of Social Workers and Attendance Counsellors from the prairies who held their first meeting in Calgary in 1982. The purpose was to find a way to provide professional development and networking with other School Social Workers and Attendance Counsellors across the country. Out of this grew the first biannual conference hosted by Saskatoon in 1984. Since then our membership has grown to over 500 at its peak. The conferences continue to happen biannually in cities across the country, linking us together through common experiences, similar issues of social concern and a will to improve our practice.

School Social Workers and Attendance Counsellors provide unique services to students, families, schools and communities in order to help students attain maximum benefits from school programs. CASSWAC strives to provide a forum for distinct social work and attendance issues to be discussed and expanded with the focus on concerns particular to the educational setting.
Mandate and Structure

The mandate of CASSWAC is to promote and encourage the development of quality school social work and attendance counselling in Canada. This mandate has been fulfilled primarily through the newsletter and the biannual conference. However, 2001 marked the addition of the CASSWAC website, including the MEMBERS ONLY area. This area is a major step forward in meeting the mandate of the organization. CASSWAC members have the ability to use a message board to connect with other school social worker and attendance counsellors across Canada. Whether it is an important national, regional or local issue or just to connect with someone, who understands your difficulties or successes, the message board offers a wide range of flexibility of communication for members. As of January 2002 the newsletter has been available on the members portion of the CASSWAC site. This has definitely improved the quality as we took our newsletter electronic.

Function of the Association

• CASSWAC is a national organization that links school Social Workers and Attendance Counsellors.
• A national conference is held every 2 years across the country with topics that relate to school social work and attendance issues within the educational system.
• The newsletter conveys issues of concern and news of current trends.
• As a national organization we have an opportunity to be heard on global and national educational issues.
• Raising the awareness and credibility of School Social Workers and Attendance Counsellors in the school system.
• To partner with other national, provincial and regional organizations.
How to Join

People who work in the educational system in the capacity of School Social Workers or Attendance Counsellors are eligible for membership. The yearly membership is $35.00. The memberships run from September 1 to August 31.

Included on the website is an application for membership. Simply print the application, fill it out and mail it along with a cheque (made out to CASSWAC) for $35.00 to the Treasurer of CASSWAC who is listed on the application form. After you are registered you will receive a certificate, membership card and receipt plus a password that will allow access to the member’s area.



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