Our Duties

Role of the School Social Worker and Attendance Counsellor

School social workers provide the following services:

• Consultation with school administrators, teachers, school support staff and parents
• Individual counselling and support to students
• Family counselling and support to parents
• Group counselling for students
• Parent and school staff education
• Bridging parents to school
• Referral services to community agencies
• Community development programming
• Collaboration with community programs
• In addition there are other services available based on the individual needs of the student
School attendance counsellors provide the following services:
• Work cooperatively to resolve non attendance problems
• Promote effective communication between school and home
• Develop effective protocols concerning school attendance and absenteeism
• Identify the causes or reasons for a student's non attendance
• Act as a liaison between school and home
• Provide ongoing support to families
• Offer supportive counselling
• Access alternative learning programs for students
• Utilize provincial laws where applicable
• Advocate for student's rights to attend school
• In addition there are other services available based on the individual needs of the student

Who can benefit from a school social worker and attendance counsellor?

School social workers and attendance counsellors provide services to students who are experiencing difficulties within their environment which impacts on their school functioning.

Some examples include:

• Primary students having difficulty making the transition to school
• Students who have a developmental delay which impacts on their academic functioning
• Students undergoing a transition (i.e. move from another country, change of school, change of family composition, divorce, remarriage, death, etc.)
• Students who are experiencing social, emotional, behavioral difficulties in school, home, community
• Students whose learning difficulties, with the resulting frustration, adversely affects their school behavior and social interactions
• Students experiencing difficulty within their home environment
• Students encountering addiction problems
• School aged pregnancy
• Students at risk for dropping out of school
• Students who are experiencing poor attendance
Additional Roles School Social Workers and Attendance Counsellors Serve:
• Advocacy for clients, school social workers, attendance counsellors and the social work profession in general
• Publishing materials for parents and professionals
• Professional development for school social workers and attendance counsellors
• Research in the area of school social work and attendance counselling
• Writing, contributing to and coordinating the publishing of documents for local school systems
• Liaison with government bodies of education, community and social services
• Liaison with international, national, state and provincial school social work organizations and practitioners.


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